Code of ethics

Professional Code of Ethics and Practice Protocols


A Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner can best serve their clients and maintain professionalism of the Harmonyum® Healing System world-wide by observing a code of ethics and following practice protocols.  The below points are meant to support a healthy client/practitioner relationship and to promote appropriate practices.  This document is not all inclusive.  It is the responsibility of the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner to discern the most ethical practices in all interactions with clients and in business.  An inability to maintain ethical practices can result in revocation of certification.  Please make the Professional Code of Ethics and Practice Protocols available to your clients by sending them to the website or providing them with a copy.


Practice of Harmonyum® Healing

Harmonyum® Healing Practitioners

  • Must give to each new client an Informed Consent and Waiver of Liability Form. A copy of the waiver can be provided to the client upon request.
  • Must follow the methods set forth during the most current Harmonyum® Healing Certification Course that they have attended.
  • Do not change or alter the steps.
  • Clearly distinguish the practice of Harmonyum® Healing from any other forms of therapy they may provide to their clients. The treatments will be kept separate from each other by at least one day.  Any and all other therapies will not be practiced during a Harmonyum® Healing treatment unless authorization has been granted by the Harmonyum® Healing certifying body.  It is not recommended that any other healing treatment be given to a client on the same day as a Harmonyum® Healing treatment unless medically necessary.  Herbal, homeopathic, nutritional supplements and other pharmaceutical medications may be taken at any time with Harmonyum®
  • Should never administer more than two Harmonyum® treatments to the same individual in less than 24 hours. It is recommended to receive one to two treatments per week.
  • Maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.


Professional Integrity

Harmonyum® Healing Practitioners

  • Should accurately represent their education, training, and experience in their marketing materials and communications with clients. They shall not claim, either directly or by implication, professional qualification/affiliation that they do not possess.
  • Understand and educate the client that the only true form of healing is self-healing and that their role is to guide and support the client through the healing process.
  • Honor all forms of medicine and therapy and recognize their place in healing.
  • Never speak negatively about other spiritual teachings.
  • Never advise clients in the use of medicines, herbs or other alternative supplements unless they have appropriate licenses.
  • Treat all clients with respect, friendliness, warmth, and compassion, regardless of race, age, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
  • Treat clients and colleagues with respect, courtesy, fairness, and good faith and afford the same to other professionals.
  • Are respectful of the Harmonyum® Healing brand and name.
  • Must be neutral when giving a treatment. (A daily meditation practice is highly recommended.)  Every aspect of the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner must be neutral, from the style of dress, appearance, fragrance, to the space the session is being given in, to not giving direct advice or judgment regarding their client’s specific life situation or health matter.  Especially during the session, the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner stays focused on the sun, does not engage emotionally, and does not focus on the client’s challenges.
  • Can support clients in their journey toward self-realization and consciousness by providing them with spiritual tools of Harmonyum® Healing, meditation, mantra, mudra, breath work, and other modalities taught in the Harmonyum® Healing Certification Course. Neutrality also means that the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner is not engaging emotionally, or otherwise, in the client’s life challenges but rather is focused on channeling the light of the sun to the client.  Harmonyum® Healing Treatments must not include the use of channeling spirits, acting as a Medium, acting as a psychologist or Medical Doctor (unless the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner holds a license).
  • Understand and apply appropriate methods of touch in assisting clients.
  • Do not engage in sexual contact with a current or former client if the contact commences after the practitioner/patient relationship is established. If necessary discontinue the professional relationship, allow an appropriate amount of time to pass to begin the personal relationship.  Harmonyum® Healing is appropriate to give and receive between current couples, friends and family members.
  • Dress in a modest and professional manner while giving treatments.


Publication Credit

Harmonyum® Healing Practitioners

  • Who publish books or articles and/or make professional presentations will assure that all sources of information and contributions are properly cited.
  • Will not teach or instruct on Harmonyum® Healing techniques and methods of practice without prior authorization of Rootlight International, Inc. and the official Harmonyum® Healing certifying body.
  • Will follow branding guidelines when representing Harmonyum® Healing in marketing materials.



Harmonyum® Healing Practitioners

  • Shall maintain confidentiality of identity of any records, contact information, health or any other personal information. Should it be a life-threatening situation, the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner is obligated to contact the appropriate professional/s.  Should it be necessary for the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner to discuss a case for educational purposes, withhold names and obvious identifying information unless written permission is obtained.
  • Shall use clinical and other material in teaching and or writing only when there is no identifying information used about the parties involved.


Treatment of Minors

  • We recommend that the parent, guardian or caregiver (authorized by the parent or legal guardian) remains in the room at all times during the treatment of a minor.  (Minors are considered to be all individuals under the age of 18).



  • Should a client present themselves to you in a state that requires emergency care, please contact emergency assistance immediately.  It is important to recognize that some situations require the participation of those professionals who are trained to handle emergency care.  Harmonyum® Healing is designed to support those who are in a current state of stable health, it is not designed to rescue those in urgent situations or those in need of first aid.


Client Welfare

Harmonyum® Healing Practitioners

  • Shall hold the welfare of the client paramount when making any decisions or recommendations concerning referral, treatment procedures, or termination of treatment.
  • Shall always refer clients to MD, psychologist, emergency room, or other appropriate services when it is determined that a client’s life is in danger. Clients who admit to having attempted or are considering attempting suicide or harming themselves or others should be referred to the above professions.  Harmonyum® Healing Practitioners must document and keep the fact that this referral was made in the client’s private folder.
  • Shall terminate the client/practitioner relationship when it is reasonably clear that the client is not benefiting from the relationship.
  • Will not use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs while attending to or conducting services.
  • Will not perform a Harmonyum® Healing treatment when the client is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



Harmonyum® Healing Practitioners

  • Maintain respect for institutional policies and management function of the agencies and institutions within which the services are being performed.
  • Shall be fully cognizant and in compliance of all federal laws and of all respective state or city laws that may be applicable to this profession.


Grievance Protocol

In the event of a concern, the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner must contact the Harmonyum® Healing certifying body by either email or phone.  An Ethics Committee of three members will be provided when necessary.  Written documentation describing the issue or incident should be submitted by the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner within 30 days of the incident.  If this is impossible for the individual to submit, the committee will write the document and have it reviewed by the individual for approval of accuracy.  The Ethics Committee will respond within two weeks.  If more time is needed, the individual will be notified.  The individual will have two weeks to respond and if more time is needed they can ask for it.  The Ethics Committee preserves the right to make immediate decisions concerning matters when the health and safety are at stake.  Other parties can be brought into the investigations or conversation as needed.


A violation of the Professional Code of Ethics and Practice Protocols could result in one of the following:

  • A written warning and a permanent notation in the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner’s certification record.
  • Revocation of certification for a period between six months to one year, at which time the Harmonyum® Healing Practitioner may file a written petition for reinstatement of certification with the Harmonyum® Healing certifying body. Reinstatement would also require continuing education credits approved as specified by the Ethics Committee as well as any current rules.  Two suspensions will result in Revoked Certification.
  • Permanently Revoked Certification
  • All parties involved may have two weeks from the receipt of the decision to appeal in writing. A response will be forthcoming within two weeks.